Terminalia 2019* "Crime scenes within the city walls" cap.1

                         Crime scenes within the city walls

We collected testimonies through reliable sources involved experts: the current evangelical pastor of the Baptist church of Barletta, actors, historians and a director. Through a canvas: "The program" we have deployed our creative walk. The two main episodes "The massacre of the Terlizzesi brothers Baldassare" occurred January 10, 1799 and "The massacre of Evangelicals" occurred March 19, 1866 were telling a kind of flashback time, using a Tibetan bell whose sound had the function of let the participants in and out of the temporal space of the story to the present.
The story was also illustrated with 12 sequences designed that together with the floral tributes and laurel wreaths were left as landmarks in the previously identified places.

"I Battisti a Barletta 150 years of history of an evangelical church" by Martin Ibarra Y Perez
"Cronaca Barlettana" by Vista Francesco Saverio
"From the chronicle" by Camillo Elefante January 1799



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