Statment-bernynavigator voyage_

From the radio centric space base of Palazzo San Gervasio (PZ) project was born. It is put together geomappe and maps, travel stories and pictures, as a sort of mosaic.
 The landscapes and the silences, the stories and micro_stories, social commitment and the solitary pursuit.
 It 'a project that continues in the wake of previous projects such as "Emotional Landscape" and "Bernynavigator World."
Points achieved through routes not obvious, where there is heaven and earth, and when the start did not mean quite knowing where to go, even the wandering aimlessly through unknown places, if contained in a sense of unease. The time when you longed to look for something "special" and that "something" might be a trivial rusty road sign which gave to that point and the geographical landscape surrounding a particular charm. The live and live coincide with pieces of routes, roads and houses, town and country, shabby walls of abandoned places ...........

They are visual stories where the mother land has a crucial role, as well as time. The time of abandonment and neglect. The landscapes and places visited are not affected by the sentimental romantic story but must be understood as a denunciation of the state of neglect, abandonment and neglect .... The abandonment caused by various reasons by the "public" and "private." There are no excuses for those between land owners and growers today makes use of soils and land for economic purposes only. These are stories of everyday continual and repeated violations for illegal use in the territories, spills and illegal dumping laws. The use of the territories for the elusive villain "Wind Farms" or "solar parks".
How many farms that contain within them a house or a farm land of the Reformation, the most ancient barn or a simple, one sheepfold for sheep, they are completely abandoned? The landscapes that I went through are dotted with myriad examples of such structures are completely abandoned.
And then completely absent government intervention to protect and enhance the routes to be used by shepherds from the Royal tratturo Melfi-Castellaneta.


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