My nickname is bernynavigator. I’m an architect from Palazzo San Gervasio, a village in the area of Potenza. I’m graduated in Naples. For some years I lived in Great Britain, where practised in different architecture studies. I have been exhibiting in Basilicata, Campania, Puglia and England. My work are paintings, drawing, graphic, and installations. Main subjects of my ‘conceptual’ and expressionist works of art are man and his environment, the city and its systems. Thanks to my vibrant personality and vivid imagination, I re-elaborates volumes and perspectives of urban areas, brings to life lands which go beyond the real geographical borders, sketches characters and situations belonging to unreal worlds. The topics of the journey, memories and change are the background to a deep and intimate search which, starting from childhood, analyses the dissatisfaction and lack of communication typical of our times.


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